The company started out as SIMI International Srl, set up in 1982 by a group of managers from a major engineering company operating mainly in the Middle East . The principal business at the outset was turnkey supply of high-tech packaging and plastic container production lines for the food, chemicals and petro-chemical industries. The main driving force in SIMI International was one of its founder partners, SIMI Spa (Società Italiana Montaggi Industriali), thanks to its powerful credentials throughout the Middle East in the field of industrial sheds and industrial erections in general.

In 1993 the company name was changed to SIMI Engineering to highlight its core business. Success came immediately, as Simi built itself an international reputation as one of the few engineering firms specializing in bottling plants without being a machinery manufacturer. The success of the firm's unique services led to rapid growth and its positioning at the interface between the major users of plant and the main machinery manufacturers in Italy and the rest of Europe . Business spanned large geographical regions, above all Europe , the Middle East ad South East Asia .

With the opening of Eastern European and ex-Soviet markets, SIMI concentrated on Russia and the CIS states, as well as on certain Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Whilst remaining fully independent in terms of ownership and management, SIMI has enjoyed a number of alliances and agency and collaboration relationships with machinery manufacturers and technology developers, thus acquiring expertise and technical know-how that enabled it to widen its experience and increase its technological capability.